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Fee Comparison | Colorado Wills Fees compared | Rocky Mountain Will™

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Rocky Mountain Wills - Wills & Trusts in ColoradoFee Comparison

Rocky Mountain Will.com Legal Zoom.com®
Legal Advice During Wills Creation Process Included in Flat Fee LegalZoom does not provide legal advice- see "Ongoing Legal Advice" below
Attorney Review of Documents and Ongoing Legal Advice/Attorney Referral Service Plans Licensed CO Attorney Reviews all documents; Consultations for ongoing personal legal matters are always FREE. Simply e-mail inquiries to: Advanced Services Fees*: $14.99 per month for Husband ($179.88 per year) and $14.99 per month for Wife ($179.88 per year) = $359.76 per year
Fee for Preparation of Wills (2), Powers of Attorney (2), and Health Care Directives (2) for Husband and Wife*

(one time flat fee)

$158.00 ($79 x 2) for 2 Wills + $98.00 ($49 x 2) for 2 Living Wills + $89.90 ($44.95 x 2) for 2 Powers of Attorney = $345.90
Total Fees* $349.00 $345.90 + $359.76 = $705.66

*Assumes RockyMountainWill.com Will Package for Husband and Wife. Fees based upon LegalZoom's Comprehensive package with 1 year of Legal Advantage Plus for Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Living Wills for both Husband and Wife. Fees based upon information from LegalZoom®.com's website as of 10/15/11. Considering that LegalZoom® does not provide legal advice or document drafting by a licensed CO Attorney, the packages represented offer the only opportunity for accurate comparison. LegalZoom®.com's Legal Advantage Plus is included for 30 days in the Comprehensive package, however, after the 30 day trial period the benefits continue automatically for 1 year at $14.99 per month ($179.88 per year) unless cancelled by the client before the 30 day trial expires. The plan provides customers with referrals to attorneys in the LegalZoom network who can give them legal advice regarding their documents. According to LegalZoom's Advantage Terms of Service for Legal Advantage Plus, an attorney's hourly rate will also be charged if the client needs legal advice based upon the free consultation. However, Legal Advantage Plus is not available in all states. LegalZoom's Advantage Terms of Service explains, “Legal Plans may not be accessible, in whole or in part, in all areas, and LegalZoom does not guarantee the accessibility, in whole or in part, of Legal Plans to all users”. RockyMountainWill.com™ automatically provides legal advice from a licensed Colorado Attorney for each client and consultations for additional legal services are always free, this year, next year, and in the future.