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7 Reasons Why You Should Use RockyMountainWill™.com | Rocky Mountain Will™

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Legal Advice at the Speed of LifeTM from a Licensed Attorney – Right here in Colorado

7 Reasons Why You Should Use RockyMountainWill™.com


  1. Legal Advice: Each client will receive up to 20 minutes of consultation time with a Licensed Colorado Wills Attorney. Unlicensed document preparation services or software programs simply cannot provide the professional services and peace of mind that we offer.
  2. Efficiency: RockyMountainWill.com was specifically designed to cater to your busy lifestyle. Our clients do not have time to wait for hours in a law office in the middle of the day. Our goal is to streamline the estate planning process so that you save time and money during this important process.
  3. Reasonable Flat Fee: Our services are provided to you at reasonable flat fee rates. There are no hourly fees or surprise bills. Through the utilization of the latest technology we are able to deliver high quality legal services at moderate fees when compared to conventional law firms.
  4. Prompt Service: A draft of your documents will be e-mailed to you within ten (10) business days (rush services are also available upon request).
  5. Convenience: You can review the Online Questionnaire and Wills Frequently Asked Questions at your own pace. Once you are ready to begin your plan, simply click on our home page. Completing the Online Questionnaire takes only minutes.
  6. Environmental Stewardship: Considering our client communications are conducted primarily by telephone and e-mail, much of our process is paperless.
  7. Statewide Service: We work with clients throughout Colorado. Unlike other services, we are solely focused on the state of Colorado and its specific laws.