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Consumer Reports® Money Advisor conducted a test in July 2011 to determine the effectiveness of creating a Last Will and Testament with LegalZoom.com®, RocketLawyer.com™, and Quiken® Will Maker. Consumer Reports created Wills with each service based upon three (3) different family profiles. The documents were then sent to Gerry W. Beyer, an estate planning law professor at the Texas Tech University School of Law. According to Consumer Reports findings, “All three are better than nothing if you have no will. But unless your needs are very simple—say, you want to leave everything to your spouse with no other provisions—none of them is likely to meet your needs. And we found problems with all three.” The problems included outdated information, insufficient customization, too little flexibility, too much flexibility, and incompleteness. Although Consumer Reports acknowledge that the websites offered educational materials, their conclusion was as follows: “If you want to save time at an attorney's office—and unless you're paying a flat fee, time with a lawyer means money—take a practice run on either Rocket Lawyer or WillMaker Plus. Use the links and pop-ups to get more information. And you can use the prompts to prepare the inventory lists and instructions your beneficiaries and executors will need in your absence. Then call an attorney.”


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